Writers Guide

Writers Guide

By DrDuskieDrDuskie

How to write
There are many different ways on how to write correctly. But before you learn how to write, you need to learn how to read which I am assuming you already know since you are reading this.
But on a serious note, the best way to learn how to write is to read pre-existing pages. From there, you can learn the mood and feeling of the Solar Initiative. But I will tell you how here anyways.
With the current version of the wiki this is being written on, the "How to write Anomalies" is on the Site Rules but I will copy and paste them here just in case

How to write an Anomaly:

First, you need to find an unchosen AN ID. For this tutorial we will be using AN-000.

Next is a proper image that fits your anomaly, this is optional but you have to be very descriptive in the detail.

Second, you need to create the concept of the anomaly in your head, in this we will use a fox.

Third, give it a codename. I will be using “Tutorial Fox” for this.

After that, we actually need to work on the article. And it should look like this:

Anomaly ID: 000
Threat Level: ??? <Image Here>
Enclosure Amendment: ??? <Photo of AN-000 taken by AAAA>
Codename: “Tutorial Fox”

After that, you need to add the threat level and conservation status (view leaflet for level options):

Anomaly ID: 000
Threat Level: Przy
Enclosure Amendment: Metrios <Image Here>
Codename: “Tutorial Fox”

Next, you need to add the Enclosure Procedures

Enclosure Instructions: <Blank>

After that, you must describe your anomaly to everyone.

Description: AN-000 is a 4’1 fox-like creature that weighs 20 grams.

The description and enclosure procedures can be long.
You can add stuff like interviews, discovery, incident reports or even termination dates if it is relevant to your anomaly.

I advise you to look at some older anomalies created by us if you want to learn more. There is only so much we can explain.

And that is basically how you make an Anomaly, at the best of my ability, I won't go over Tales themselves but I will go » over the beginning for Tales.

Tale Name: ()
Anomalies Involved in Tale: ()
GOIs/AOIs Involved in Tale: () (Note: The Solar Initiative does not count)
Age Rating: (Can either be 13+ or 18+, none other then that)

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