Terminology Textbook

New employees of the Initiative tend to be overwhelmed by the range of strange terminology, concepts, and vocabulary they find themselves confronted with. The description and applications of the same anomaly-related concepts can vary widely between divisions, leading to further confusion and miscommunication. The following is a comprehensive list of terms and their definitions.

Anomalous Substances


Amnestics are amnesia causing agents used by the Initiative to suppress information. The most common is Class 1 which is used for basic memory erasing of individual people. Classes 2, 3, 4 and 5 amnesiants are specialty classes, used for specific purposes.

ESP Agents

ESPAs are extrasensory perception inducing agents used primarily for viewing invisible and metaphysical anomalies. Class A ESPAs are used in most incidents as their effects are easily treated and aren't as potent. Though in special cases, researchers may synthesize Class B or C ESPAs for the purpose of observing anomalous effects that cannot be seen by the unaided eye or interdimensional anomalies.

Truth Agents

Truth Agents are used strictly for interrogation purposes. First synthesized by request of the Delta Council, the Agents were given to officers of the Regulations Committee for gaining intelligence from hostile groups, but after years of research, the Delta Council had approved the use of Truth Agents on Initiative personnel that have infracted upon the regulations.

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