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From: Starlight Admin BOT

ANNOUNCEMENT: Welcome to the Starlight Commune! We detected that you are accessing this database through an Unlisted Civilian Terminal.

This action is not illegal though it's not encouraged, to avoid false hostile detection, you have been rerouted to Version: PUBLIC.



StarOS 1.03

Welcome to the public portal of the Starlight Commune Database, your easily accessible guide to known terminated and utilized anomalies.

If you wish to view our immense catalogue of terminated and utilized phenomena, or seek information regarding the archive, please review the list in the next tab. Each registered phenomena file has been assigned a number, and a nickname.

If you wish to view our declassified list of anomalous GoIs (Groups of Interest), please select the third tab. Groups of Interest are organizations/nations that stand out from normal groups.

╏ STAROS.1.03 | PUBLIC PORTAL ┃ Secure | Connected ╏

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