Site Rules

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Here are mainly wiki rules, please memorize the following:

ChatGPT sucks, using it is forbidden.

All images must be made using AI.

You need to be 14 years old or older in order to write for the wiki, 13 and 12 can look at the wiki but any lower can get out.

In terms of SPaG, it can be allowed to exist in some form but cannot be rampant. At least form somewhat understandable

No mentions of the SCP Foundation, or any SCP GOIs. This includes the Nova Corporation, RPC Authority, The Backrooms, and Trevor Henderson and his creatures.

Don’t steal ideas from other websites unless you own the ideas, if you have permission to use them then give credit.

No stealing other’s characters.

Don’t go too hardcore.

Images are optional if you are willing to put much detail into the description of the anomaly.

For GOIs, there is no need for a “Serpent’s Hand” or “SCP Foundation”-like organization. The Initiative isn’t that rivaled.

Do not make your character or anomalies too overpowered, add at least 2 weaknesses.

Don’t make your character be the only one able to speak to the anomalies.

No trolling in forums.

You can roleplay in the forums, just don’t make it lewd. (This is only for the Discord Server, not the Community one, the official roleplay one.)

No harassing anybody based on race, sexuality or mental illness, this includes Autism.

Mood breaks in articles can only be done if it is a joke anomaly.

We may be an alternate version of the SCPF but we wanna distance ourselves from it as much as possible. Do not add SCPs or SCP Characters.

If your anomaly gets put up for rewrite or deleted, don’t go to the senior staff/owners and do a hissy fit. Just get over it and carry on with your day.

The Solar Initiative is known to the public eye in their world, they aren’t a secret. Keep that in mind.

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