Personnel Archive

We list all the jobs available here and what they do:

Test Subject: The TS are sent into enclosures and are used for testing anomalous entities, it is worth to note that they are doing this voluntarily. Before they join as a Test Subject, they sign a contract before hand saying that if they die, it is their fault. They are allowed to roam some sectors within the facility.

Research Committee: They are the ones sending the Test Subjects into the anomalous enclosures for Science. They study and document the Anomalies and what they have on the Test Subjects.

Security Team: They monitor the sectors within a site and ensure peace is instore.

Deployable Response Teams: Task Forces and Squadrons made up of elite agents that do specific tasks ordered by the Location Directors, Security Team Director, or the Delta Council.

Janitorial Division: They clean the sites, simple as that.

Regulations Committee: They ensure work conditions are fine and make sure diplomatic relations with the Groups of Interest, Agencies of Interest, and Locations of Interest are relatively positive or neutral.

Recovery Committee: After a hostile GOI base is raided, then the Recovery Committee would enter the base and will reobtain stolen anomalies from the said GOI. If an Anomaly manages to destroy a city, then the Recovery Committee would fund the City back to normal.

Location Directors: The people in charge of a specific site, chosen by the Delta Council.

The Delta Council: A group of the most elite members of the Solar Initiative. They are the ones who ultimately decide what happens, [DATA EXPUNGED].

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