Object Classes

The Initiative deals with lots of anomalies, all of which are vastly different from each other. Because of this, building their enclosure can be hard if the anomaly is hostile. To combat this, we have created several different enclosure amendments and threat levels to help maintain safety in their research.


Aneta: Anomaly encasement is easy and requires minimal caution.

Metrios: Anomaly is unpredictable in its enclosure.

Kako: Anomaly is uncontrollable in its enclosure and requires more resources to maintain.

Operarius: Anomaly is employed by the Solar Initiative and cannot be put in an environment.

Antike: Anomaly is an object and cannot be put in an environment.

Nekros: Anomaly is dead or has ceased all anomalous traits.

Luciren: Anomaly is either omnipotent, can bend reality, or can cause the end of the world and requires containment. [Level S+]

Confiscated: Anomaly is contained by a Group of Interest.

Boundri: Anomaly is enclosed on another planet.

Masili: Anomaly is a landmass.

Sapien: Anomaly is human or humanoid and can be enclosed in a standard room.


Przy: Anomaly is cooperative and benevolent with Solar personnel.

Umiark: Anomaly can be cooperative, but may cause harm to Solar Staff.

Ozna: Anomaly is actively hostile and will cause harm.

Zly: Anomaly is very hostile and will kill Solar staff.

Nieo: Anomaly is inanimate.

Auxilium: Anomaly is capable of benefitting the Initiative.

Unknown: Anomaly does not fit any of these.

Maskrid: Anomaly possesses a memetic hazard, cognito hazard, or an info hazard.

Note: Don't revive AN-001-J please, don't even think about it.

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