Locations Of Interest

Overview: Locations of Interest, abbreviated to LoIs, are locations found around the globe that raise the interest of the Initiative. These locations can be infested with the anomalous, extraterrestrial, etc. Not all LoIs are dangerous and can be traversed freely, though they may still possess anomalous effects.

Location Codes


Planet Mars


  • Containment
  • Massive

Overview: Mars is the inner planet that is furthest of the Sun, many studies suggest that Mars has had life before Earth and many space programs across Earth has been studying it for a while. However, until recently multiple anomalous figures have been discovered on the Surface of Mars which immediately peeked the Initiative's interest in the Planet.

With collaboration from NASA and other space programs across the world, the Solar Initiative managed to build Site-098 on the ice caps of Mars. View Locations for more details.

Site-098 is currently run by a select amount of staff accompanied by CRPX-AI.2 The Delta Council has agreed this is the best approach to the Martian site.


The Marshlands


  • Infested
  • Containment

Overview: The Marshlands is an anomalous swamp located in Western Kentucky. After interviews with several Kentucky wildlife officials, all of which concluded that this location has never been mapped or seen. During further investigation, it has been concluded that the Marshlands contains an indeterminate amount of anomalous entities ranging from plants to sentient lifeforms.

No matter what time of day, weather, or condition, the Marshlands have been noted to bear a dense fog. This fog has been tested to pose several psychological hazards when inhaled.

Refer to AN-002 for more information.


NGC 1514 | The CRM


  • Extraterrestrial Controlled
  • Massive

ECR Agency Note: The ርዪጠ, which roughly translates to The Collective Realities of Macit, is a collective of alien governments from the Macit system located within planetary nebula NGC 1514. The CRM's motives are unknown as minimal contact is established. It is known that the leaders of the CRM are capable of accessing parallel realities and other systems. As of writing, the CRM is made up of several different ruling planets. These include Ibreon XII, Iroria 7X, Tulia, Zexade, Udarvis, Droutera 4IX, Igolla W8, and Estrade. Along with these planets, the CRM are also composed of these planet's alternate-reality counterparts.

Overview: The Crystal Ball Nebula (NGC 1514) is a planetary nebula located in the constellation Taurus, near the border with Perseus. It has an apparent magnitude of 9.43 and lies at an approximate distance of 2,200 light years (700 parsecs) from Earth. It occupies an area of 2.2 arc minutes.

Astronomers within the Agency have proposed that the nebula surrounds a binary star in a close orbit with a period of 4 to 9 days. The larger primary component in the system is believed to be the source of the expanding gas. A study published in 2003 by the Agency suggests that the initial mass of the progenitor star was 4.5 solar masses and that the nebula is a product of a common envelope, which forms in close interacting binary systems if there is mass transfer from the primary to the secondary star.

The Crystal Ball Nebula was discovered in November 1790 by William Herschel, a high ranking astronomer for the Men in Black, previously coined the term “planetary nebulae” to describe the rare occurrence of many planetary system within a nebula. Before the discovery of NGC 1514, Herschel had believed that nebulae were really densely grouped stars too distant to be resolved in a telescope. NGC 1514 made him rethink his beliefs. He described the nebula as a “most singular phenomenon,” noting that “the nebulosity about the star is not of a starry nature.”



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