Overview: The Initiative maintains a worldwide presence in its effort to research and protect the anomalous. Initiative facilities can range anywhere from small outposts with only a handful of personnel to sprawling research and conservation sites with thousands of staff members.

Site-023 | The main operation hub for the Solar Initiative. It was created to contain dangerous or Operarius Anomalies. It also serves as the "primary site" for the DRTs (Deployable Response Teams) with a large DRT stationing base 1.6 kilometers away from the main facility.

Location: North Quebec, Canada.

Base-01 | The primary DRT stationing base located 1.6 kilometers away from Site-023.

Location: North Quebec, Canada.

Site-013 | Specialized in enclosing religion-based Anomalies. It is the second most protected site within the Initiative.

Location: 9.4 kilometers underneath the Vatican City. (Entrance in Rome)

Site-005 | Specialized in enclosing Sapien and Umiark Anomalies and also serves as a Starlight Commune lookout.

Location: Scottish Highlands, United Kingdom.

Base-02 | A small DRT stationing base located in Site-002.

Location: Wales, United Kingdom.

Site-009 | Specialized in enclosing anomalies adapted to the cold.

Location: North Pole, Canada.

Site-098 | Martian Anomaly study and Enclosement Facility.

Location: Ice Caps, Mars.

Site-076 | Specialized in enclosing Anomalies adapted to the desert.

Location: Sahara Desert, Niger.

Base-098 | DRT assistance base near Site-098.

Location: Ice Caps, Mars.

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