Location Directors

Top Level Administration
Location Directors

Overview: The Board of Location Directors, otherwise known as the "Directorate," is the main executive body of not only the Delta Council but the Authority at large. Tasked with directing the Initiative from a global perspective, the Board wields an immense amount of overreach over the entire organization, able to direct Initiative assets with little oversight.

Typically, the Board is comprised of eleven elected officials, each representing either one of three committees or of their Locational Commands. Both acting as the invisible hands behind the organization and as diplomatic figures outside of the Initiative, LDs are expected to use their fortitude to manage regional policy and oversee critical directives to ensure normalcy is maintained worldwide.

Although most information on the history of individual Directors is classified, some of their history and character traits have been compiled here by documenters.

Committee Representatives:: The "Big Three" are representatives elected by the officers of each Committee, who represent Committee interest in Location Directorate affairs. They inevitably will always come from the background of service in their representative Committee, and will bring their respective background and experience to the table in any given conversation.

LD-SCHL: Location director representative "Scholar" for Research. Personality Archetype: Dr. Apollo Ward is known for his unique scientific methods and well-executed experiments. Many documents report that Dr. Ward is able to manifest themselves into a shadow-like form, which from there He can slide under doors and hide in darkness fairly well. Because of this, Dr. Ward became the director of the Research Committee.

LD-CMDR: Location director representative "Commander" for Recovery. Personality Archetype: A calm forward thinking intelligence officer who is always thinking of the outcomes of his actions. LD-CMDR used to be a soldier, but was conscripted into the intelligence community after the loss of his arm. His lack of a limb required him to think differently, and he quickly rose up the ranks of the CIA, and then the IID, as one of the most ingenious recruits.

LD-CMBT: Location director representative "Combat" for Security. Personality Archetype: Susan Baker is a well-known woman in the nation of Ireland. She is capable of strategizing combat plans very well and is known for helping the United States Government in the Middle East in 2003. She is incredibly bullet resistant and can regenerate wounds very fast. She is the director of the Security Team
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