Note from Location Director Rota
Please do not taunt LAN-024. According to some reports from the enclosure manager, it has been in distressed directly after whatever you are doing. Dr. Whitney is no longer allowed to play with LAN-024 using a laser pointer, it has said several times it dislikes this. It is a reality bender, not a regular house cat.


Photo of LAN-024


Anomaly ID: LAN-024
Enclosure Amendment: Luciren
Threat Level: Umiark
Codename: The Reality Cat

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-geological.png Topological h-psychotronic.png Psychic h-sapient.png Sapient h-destabilization.png Reality Destabilization

Enclosure Instructions:
LAN-024 is to be enclosed in a small steel cube with no sources of CCTV monitoring or any advanced technology within it (includes computers, remote-control doors, and artificial intelligence outside the cube). On the hour, at least 3 agents of the Security Team must be stationed at the outside of LAN-024's enclosure and must prevent personnel with Level SR or lower from entering.

In terms of a door, it must be made out of steel with a door knob, it must be locked at all times.
In case of a enclosure breach, the Security Team must lure LAN-024 back into its enclosure using a can of tuna, or any store-brand cat treats.

Cross-testing between the subject and any other anomaly is strictly forbidden but may be ignored if the Delta Council or the Directorate approve of it. The only exception to this rule is if LAN-024 wishes to visit AN-010 which is considered enrichment.

Note from the Regulations Committee: As of now, Dr. Amelia Frankson shall be LAN-024's containment head. For testing, please talk with her beforehand and any requests from LAN-024 is to be discussed with her. This does include requests from LAN-024 to see AN-010 and vice versa with Dr. Hopkins.

LAN-024 is a 2'3 ft" tall feline with bright blue eyes. Its fur is grey with black stripes on it (appearance may differ depending on scenario). It has no need for the consumption of sustenance or liquids, the reason for this is currently unknown. It behaves like a regular house cat, however many tests have proven that is has a higher form of intelligence that could rival a human's.

LAN-024 is capable of distorting any form of technological footage or photographs of it at will, however it is capable of undistorting it if asked nicely or offered a treat to do so. LAN-024-1 refers to its anomalous properties that allows it to bend reality at will. Many footage that records LAN-024-1 in effect shows LAN-024 getting distorted and its eyes completely glowing blue. From there, it can change the shape of any form of matter at will and has been known to do requests from test subjects.

From testing, it has shown it is capable of sending small telepathic messages (that usually range from 1 to 4 words) into the minds of the test subjects and all life for that matter. It can comprehend every single language except for oddly French in which it will turn its head sideways looking at it.

LAN-024 is very neutral with humans, and often ignores test subjects, research committee members, and security team agents when they enter the chamber unless approached and interacted with. LAN-024 can harm personnel however, but this is very rare and usually occurs when LAN-024 is forced to do something. When aggressive, LAN-024-1 will trigger and the subject is seemingly eradicated to a pile of dust.

It can grow very affectionate with Solar Personnel, and will even let specific members of the Solar Initiative pet it, or hold it if it trusts and shows affection towards them. If aggressive, then LAN-024 will not eradicate these personnel and will only injure them a tiny bit (usually the same force of a slap or a punch).

Testing has shown that LAN-024 can manipulate any form or type of matter except anti-matter and numerous various types of metals such as: Silver, Copper, Steel, Platinum, and Titanium. The anomaly can do practically anything to the manipulatable objects and can pose a very serious threat to those it dislikes when it is around objects that it can manipulate.

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