Anomalies possess strange and often dangerous abilities that can cause damage, bend reality, or allow it to go invisible. By creating hazards, we noted down the most common hazards encountered by the Initiative below.

Aggressive Hazard: The anomaly frequently attacks civilians or staff members.

Interaction Hazard: The anomaly doesn't attack but is harmful if interacted with.

Ranged Hazard: The anomaly is capable of launching projectiles.

Grouped Hazard: Anomaly manifests or hunts in groups.

Psychic Hazard: The anomaly is capable of telepathy or moving objects with its mind.

Sapient Hazard: The anomaly possesses human-level intelligence and can make complex decisions and understand complicated subjects.

Sentient Hazard: The anomaly's intelligence is simple or animalistic allowing for instinctual decisions.

Below is a short list of hazards that an anomaly may possess but don't necessarily make them dangerous. It is important for staff to know these hazards.

Animated: The object is capable of moving by itself.

Aquatic: The anomaly lives in or is related to water.

Airborne: The anomaly lives in the air or can fly.

Extraterrestrial: The anomaly is from beyond the Earth's atmosphere.

Intangible: The anomaly can phase through matter at will.

Mechanical: The anomaly is a robot, android, machine, or part of a machine.

Micro: The anomaly is of microscopic size.

Organic: The anomaly is of organic nature.

Regenerative: The anomaly is capable of regenerating.

Giant: The anomaly is of large size and mass.

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