Guide For Fresh Meat

Solar Initiative Guide for Fresh Meat/New Wiki Members

By DrDuskieDrDuskie

Welcome new member! I am DrDuskie also known as Dr. James Rota in the Solar Initiative Lore. I also go by "Dingus Insect" in a few other places. In this guide, I will tell you everything you need to know about the Solar Initiative Wiki.

1. What is the wiki to begin with?
The Solar Initiative Wiki was created by DrDuskieDrDuskie and s n o w ys n o w y. It is a wiki dedicated to the creation of Confic pieces. Similar to the SCP Foundation and the RPC Authority Wikis, who we thank for our inspiration. However, unlike those two wikis, we specifically only use AI Art for our anomalies. And we are more family-friendly then the other two wikis. The lore may be grim at times if you are younger, so be cautious about getting into the Solar Initiative's lore.

2. What do you suggest I do first?
We suggest you read the Site Rules before doing anything else, from there you will be able to well… learn the rules as well as learn how to make your own Anomaly. But don't make an Anomaly immediately until you are experienced.
3. I am experienced already, what do you suggest I do before making an Anomaly?
First, you should read some pre-existing articles created by Me and Snowy. We have 5 Anomalies already registered in Series I and one in the Luciren Anomaly page. I personally suggest you start with reading AN-009 and AN-021 as they are the first two Anomalies created.
4. Any places where I can communicate with other members of the community?
Although, there were plans for a Discord server where you can interact and advertise your articles. That idea is now scrapped in favor for Wiki Forums as the Two people working on the Server were on a block and didn't have enough time to complete it. The idea may come back up again, but for now remains scrapped.
5. I am a writer from the SCP, RPC, or Backrooms Wiki. Can I transfer my SCPs, RPCs, or Entities to this wiki?
Long story short, yes with some rules. You are allowed to do it if those communities agree with it. However, you cannot just use the image you used to show what you SCP/RPC/Entity looks like unless it is already AI Art. And again, The community you are transferring from must agree with sharing the SCP/RPC/Entity and it must be YOUR creation.

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