Groups Of Interest

Groups of Interest

Groups of interest are several groups located and stationed around the world. Each group may or may not be suspected to be affiliated with the creation of several types of anomalous objects whether it be to create chaos, sell for profit, or other objectives. Groups of interest are typically not allied with the Initiative with few exceptions. Not all groups of interest are hostile as some may be passive and at times may be willing to negotiate with each other or with the Initiative. Although the general public is aware of the existence of the Initiative and certain interest groups, there are few groups that remain a secret to the public, and in some cases, for a good reason.


Group Name: Starlight Commune
Group Status: Active
Relations with Group: Hostile
Attributes: Scout, Multinational, Structured.

The Starlight Commune, from what we know, is a splinter organization that occurred when a group of Security Team Agents and Researchers started believing that exterminating or weaponizing the anomalies is the correct way to go. They are the Solar Initiative’s #1 enemy and rival and we encourage all staff to keep an eye out for Starlight spies. They raid our facilities often and their goal is to kill as much Solar Staff as they can as well as anomalies unless they are worth weaponizing.

How and why the Starlight Commune got to this point is currently unknown, and as of now. The Solar Initiative and the Commune are in a cold war.


Group Name: Blackhole Market
Group Status: Active
Relations with Group: Neutral / Potential Allied
Attributes: Creator, Multinational, Structured.

The Blackhole Market, or the Blackhole Empire is a GOI that specializes in creating anomalies, more specifically Umiark or Przy class Anomalies. After creation, they usually sell them onto the Black Market or auction them to aristocrats. They were formed in 1921 after their founder found an anomaly known as "Key mister" in his house. According to former Blackhole Market personnel, Key Mister has the ability to turn objects or animals into various types of anomalies on command.

The Market and the Initiative has very neutral relations, as the Market does not see the Solar Initiative's existence as a threat and only as a potential investor. The Initiative often purchases Anomalies from the Blackhole Market often, and it benefits both sides. However, the Blackhole Market and Starlight Commune has very sour relations as the Commune attempts to raid the Market's auctions often. However, the Market usually wins in these conflicts.


Group Name: Anomalies Are Animals Too! (AAT)
Group Status: Active
Relations with Group: Hostile
Attributes: Scout, Fractured, Multinational

The AAT is a movement against the Initiative claiming that anomalies should be left out in the wild and out of sterile and artificial environments. The AAT is known to locate Initiative locations and attempt to free anomalies from their enclosures. It is unknown who formed the AAT, though it is known that the AAT originally formed in Arkansas in late 2012 during the Anomaly Boom. It is unknown as to where the AAT headquarters resides nor their future operations.


Group Name: Church of the End
Group Status: Active
Relation with Group: Hostile
Attributes: Creator, Multinational, Fractured

The Church of the End is a community of religious extremists who act much like many terror groups in Middle Eastern countries. Members of the Church have been suspected to be affiliated with several anomalous terror attacks throughout six continents. A specific objective has been established by the Church, that objective is to overthrow authority in several nations within the aforementioned continents in order to enact anarchy and to enable a gateway to Armageddon, especially through their affiliation with the creation of AN-666 and other anomalies.

No base of operations has been located for the Church, though it is strongly known by the Initiative that there is indeed at most one building of worship owned by the group in every continent with the exception of Antarctica since DRT units have entirely shut it down back in 1997.

Terror attacks carried out by the Church of the End are, as of today unpredictable. Each attack has been seen to be carried out by Church members who appear to blend in with civilians very well whether it be through normal methods or anomalous methods such as false appearances. A total of [REDACTED] members have been noted by the Initiative.

Members of the Church of the End have been identified to not only be ordinary civilians but as well as humanoid entities possessing anomalous properties. The Church has been observed to carry out several secret recruitments in small towns, most notably the Church of the End recruitments in numerous Catholic churches back in 2011. As of to date, the Church of the End holds over 3,000 members, though a majority have been unidentified.

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