Global Scenarios

Mark 1 Scenario "Heat Death"- The Regular End to the Galaxy. Earth destroyed by Dying Sun, Proton Decay, Blackhole and Degenerate Eras occur. The ending everyone is expecting. This scenario is inevitable anyways.

Mark 2 Scenario "Dominance Shift"- An intelligent lifeform is discovered on Earth and it manages to be intelligent enough to change Earth's dominant animal from Humans to it's species.

Mark 3 Scenario "Zombie Apocalypse"- An anomalous gas is released that begins infecting everyone into Zombies. All Personnel are advised to stay within their assigned sites and defend it when the zombie horde attempts to breach in.

Mark 4 Scenario "Luciren Takeover"- All Anomalies (that can) begin to experience a sudden sensation of powers they haven't felt before and are reclassified as Luciren. Current Luciren Anomalies stay the same. Enclosure Breaches are inevitable, it will be impossible to keep them in.

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