ECR Agency

We are the best kept secret in the galaxy. We monitor, licence and police all alien activity on the Earth. We're your first, last, and only line of defense. We live in secret, we exist in the shadows.

- President of the Men in Black, Agent J


In times of history as a secret government entity, we are Earth's strongest line of defense against other-worldly phenomena, life-forms, and objects. The Agency recognizes your scientific excellence within the field of physics and astronomy. The Agency invites you to help further the research of what lurks throughout the universe.

You are to operate in darkness, and defend against the beings, objects, or events beyond our atmosphere. With swiftness and secrecy, collect or destroy them in defense of our homeland. You will not be alone, there will be others in the darkness to guide you to locate the other-worldly, and destroy it if necessary to protect the Earth.

It is with our respect, and great pleasure, to welcome you to the Men in Black.

- President of the United States of America


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