Criticism Guidelines

Guide to Criticism

By DrDuskieDrDuskie

Greetings! Welcome to the guide to have your article criticized and be officially published onto the Wiki.

First, you have to read The Guide for Fresh Meat. It will explain everything you need before actually making the article along with the Site Rules which explains the rules for the wiki and how to make an Anomaly.

Next, join our Community Discord. There should be two sections on it called "ArticleCriticismA" and "ArticleCriticismB". From there, you article that must be in Sandbox will be put up to a vote. If the vote passes then it will be uploaded onto the wiki.

However, if it doesn't pass then it will be discarded. Me and Snowy have the power to veto any Article that can upsets the lore, involves killing off another Anomaly without permission from their creators, or breaks Site Rules.
If vetoed, then the vote automatically fails and cannot proceed.

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