Photo of AN-021 in its enclosure


Anomaly ID: 021
Enclosure Amendment: Metrios
Threat Level: Umiark
Codename: Ruby Child

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-sapient.png Sapient h-contact.png Contact h-animated.png Animated

Enclosure Instructions:

AN-021 is to be enclosed within a 30x30 room with cave-like decorations within it. A thin layer of stone shall be coating the entirety of the walls as well as the roof and floor within AN-021's enclosure with plenty of crystals within it. Stalagmites and Stalactites are strictly forbidden when put inside AN-021's enclosure as they can easily lead to AN-021 being harmed; and or personnel entering its enclosure being harmed. The enclosure must be within in complete darkness at all times, viewing AN-021 must be done with night-vision cameras that shall be hidden within AN-021's enclosure.

During testing, either milky quartz or amethyst must be dispensed into AN-021's chamber using an installed dispenser within the observation chamber. The selected gemstone must be dispensed on the opposite end of the enclosure to ensure AN-021 doesn't walk out.
Test Subjects shall be given a flashlight as well as some milky quartz before testing and must return said flashlight and milky quartz once testing is over. If AN-021 has consumed the milky quartz, then it may be excused.

During an enclosure breach, lockdown must be initiated in Sector 2 by the assigned Security Team. Until an assigned Detachment Response Team or the Paranormal Intelligence Agency arrives, then access to Sector 2 is to be denied. When re-enclosing, all personnel involved must wear latex gloves at all times. AN-021 is to be forced into a glass transportation cube and must be brought back to its chamber.

All AN-021-2 must be terminated. No ifs, cans, or buts.


AN-021 is a 5'6 foot tall being comprised of entirely red-crystal which is theorized to be ruby or an unknown type gemstone. According to X-Ray scans during testing, AN-021 seems to have no organs or any signs of biological matter within it, however more research is required to prove whether to prove if AN-021 has organic matter or not. AN-021 cannot grow in height, nor gain any weight whatsoever unless carrying something that does add weight. AN-021 has no signs of being able to jump or lunge towards anything remotely, and AN-021 has never been seen running or sprinting towards any direction.

It behaves similar to a human being within the age range of (4-8) and is capable of solving tasks nearly identically to a person within that same age range. AN-021 is capable of speech, however it only talks exclusively broken English and tests have clarified that AN-021 has a distaste in learning how to speak correctly or learn how to do more tasks in general.

Physical contact with AN-021 is forbidden due to a process which will be classified as AN-021-A. Upon physical interaction with the anomaly, A Test Subject has reported feeling "extremely itchy" or "irritated around the body". There is no way to stop these effects until the next step of AN-021-A which always takes place within 15 minutes. The subject would gain extreme rashes, scrapes, and bruises around their body even if they didn't scratch within those places. The subject would then report "extreme pain everywhere" and would collapse to the ground. The Test Subject's skin would grow blood red afterwards as the subject's eyes would sink into their skin. Their jaw would snap wide as around 340 teeth would grow within the Subject's body. The Subject's hair would completely fall off as their hands would turn into sharp claws, after this the Subject will be classified as AN-021-2.

AN-021-2 are very aggressive towards everyone around it besides AN-021. AN-021-2 can run up to 30 miles per hour and can jump 94 feet wide. AN-021-2 typically attack by charging towards their prey and then pouncing onto them. Despite their looks, AN-021-2 are very weak health-wise and are usually taken down within 5-9 shots by a Glock-17.

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