Like AN-010, AN-010-J shall be given- Wait, why the fuck are we doing this? It is a fucking bush with legs. It can't use the Operarius clearance at all. This is fucking pointless, I am gonna go eat some cheese and crackers lol

Order Established: March 10, 2023


AN-010-J inactive.

Anomaly ID: 010 (-J)
Enclosure Amendment: Metrios
Threat Level: Umiark
Hazards: Same as AN-010, I don't fucking know.
Codename: Bush Dude

Enclosure Instructions: (Instructions? My Ass!)

AN-010-J is to be enclosed in a small, 10x10 enclosure with many plants including bushes, shrubs, trees, and flowers

Fuck it, it is basically harmless. Just keep it in AN-010's chamber. Who gives a shit?


AN-010-J is a 2'3, European bush that is capable of manifesting human legs at will. All reports of AN-010-J's legs manifesting say it is "hairy", "disgusting", and "hideous to look at" for whatever reason. It can run up to 300 miles per hour at will, at the same time cause a miniature stampede around the facility.

It shows no sign of emotion, sentience, nor any form of personality. It spends most of its time resting as a bush and completely randomly manifests legs and runs around for like an hour or smth. Oh, it is also good to mention it can cause harm to Solar Personnel by running into them, however it usually does nothing more then a bruise.

And… that is it… I don't know what else to tell you. It is a fucking bush with legs, ya' happy?

Oh yeah, make sure LAN-024 stays away from AN-010-J. It hates it for some reason.

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