AN-010 is to be given Level-NS-O Security Clearance and is to be permitted to have knowledge on all botanical and animal-based anomalies with an object class of Aneta - Kako.

Order Established: March 2, 2023

UPDATE LOG: 3/6/2023

LAN-024 will be authorized to enter AN-010's enclosure as of today. When present in the enclosure, the security team must keep watch of the two until LAN-024 must be returned.


Photograph of AN-010.


Anomaly ID: 010

Enclosure Amendment: Metrios Operarius
↳ Clearance Level: NS-O

Threat Level: Przy

Codename: Mother Nature

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-climatological.png Atmospheric h-geological.png Topological h-psychotronic.png Psychic h-sapient.png Sapient h-animated.png Animated h-ecological.png Botanical h-organic.png Organic

Enclosement Instructions: AN-010 is to be enclosed inside a bio-dome spanning across a 150-meter perimeter.1 This sanctuary is to be kept in optimal condition for plants to grow. Security Team personnel are to patrol the inside and outside of the containment area to ensure no unauthorized individuals trespass within the enclosement perimeter. Should any individual be caught trespassing, standard disciplinary actions are to be taken. Although, due to its constant teleportation to different locations on the globe, enclosement cannot hold AN-010 for long periods of time.

AN-010's Research Lead, Dr. Hopkins, is AN-010's assigned caregiver. Should AN-010 be harmed or threatened at any time, Dr. Hopkins is to escort AN-010 to a fallback bio-dome that is heavily guarded by DRT Unit Gaia (Weed Whackers).

Should any major ecological incident take place such as a tsunami or earthquake and after AN-010 has made its attempts at reversing it, Dr. Hopkins is to escort AN-010 back to containment.

Note From Dr. Hopkins

AN-010 enjoys recreational activities such as dancing, conversing, and listening to music. A playlist has been curated for it, so feel free to play some songs through the bio-dome intercom. Here is the link to the playlist: AN-010's Favorite Songs. And as per its amendment change, personnel are permitted to interact with AN-010 during scheduled breaks.

Description: AN-010 is a humanoid entity standing at approximately 2.1 meters in height and weighs 240 ounces. AN-010 is mainly composed of sticks, leaves, and vines, but its composition can vary in different manifestations. In all manifestations, AN-010's composition is primarily made up of Earth materials with the exception of metals, gases, and liquids.2

AN-010's appearance includes a broken-down sheet that she uses as a type of skirt. AN-010 is observed to have a second skirt composed of twigs that have been made from an oak tree. Its arms measure ~1.2 meters in length and lack proper proportions. These arms have been observed to have twine rope tied to the aforementioned cloth. The entity's legs are composed of Acer platanoide tree roots.3

AN-010 displays a clear distaste for violent subject matter. The entity is often compelled to comfort other organisms ad hoc. AN-010 shows compassion primarily through close physical contact, such as hugging, holding hands, and healing injuries. When AN-010 makes skin contact with a living being, it is capable of inducing hyperactivity within the cells responsible for the synthesis of the extracellular matrix4 as well as accelerated levels of mitosis in the proximity of the damaged area, resulting in rapid recovery from physical trauma. Harmful and otherwise toxic material is removed and expelled from the body.

AN-010 is capable of self-propelled locomotion via levitation. It levitates several centimeters above any surface and moves at a consistent speed of 3.2 kilometers per hour. AN-010 is capable of holding short conversations and responding accordingly to a statement, although she tends to only converse about plants and Earth life rather than other subjects. AN-010 communicates through telepathy. It is capable of transmitting images, languages, phrases, and concepts into one's mind. If an individual mentions themselves or others damaging the environment, AN-010 will enter a distressed state, causing it to begin transmitting a sound identical to screaming telepathically to nearby individuals. In this state, she has been observed to retreat to Dr. Hopkins for comfort.

When endangered animals are harmed, AN-010 will teleport itself to the location of the individual and put it into a stasis state.5 In this state, AN-010 will then begin to anomalously repair all damages to an uninjured condition. It will then make contact with the individual's forehead and create an amnesiant-like effect, erasing the moment of the interaction with the animal. Afterward, AN-010 will then relocate back to its sanctuary. Although, this ability can only be used on a limited amount of people at a time.

If an individual exterminates an endangered organism in desperation for food, AN-010 will resuscitate the organism and satisfy the individual's hunger without the organism's expense.

If AN-010 is damaged in any way, she will begin a regenerative process. This process consists of AN-010 drawing in sticks from its vicinity to repair damages to itself.

AN-010 is capable of manipulating the weather of the location she is in. This spans over a 6,000-meter area and is used during weather-based natural disasters. This does drain its energy and causes its sticks and twigs to become frail and brittle causing its lifespan to be significantly shorter, although this consequence varies depending on how much energy is used.6


Photograph of AN-010 before recovery.

Discovery: On August 1st, 2018 during wildfires in California, a levitating humanoid entity was spotted moving into the Natchez wildfire, completely engulfed in flames. This entity was seen putting out fire en masse, leaving all flora seemingly unaffected. Along the way, people who were severely injured have been reported to be completely woundless and experienced no pain in any way. Said individuals claimed that a person made of wood touched them and made their wounds disappear.

This entity brought up the Assembly's attention when the same incident happened at the rest of the fires. However, when the Assembly dispatched DRT Unit Phoenix, AN-010 had disappeared and was nowhere to be found until it was rediscovered making a flood in Brazil recede back to its source and repairing all damages.

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