An 009





Photograph of AN-009 before recovery.

Anomaly ID: 009
Threat Level: Maskrid
↳ Sub-Class: Nieo
Enclosure Amendment: Aneta

Hazard Types:Additional Properties: h-contact.png Contact h-organic.png Organic

Codename: "A Literal Funny Bone!"

Enclosure Procedures:
AN-009 is to be kept in a standard medium-level security clearance 6x6x8 glass box with a small door that can be opened with Level NS clearance or above. Personnel working with the object must be cautious around it and must never lay physical contact with AN-009 unless it is for research.

Those who have a lack of self-control are prohibited to interact with AN-009 and will not be allowed to research the object.

All AN-009-1 are to be kept in a padded cell until the effect runs off.

DATE: 1/10/2001
As of now, AN-009's enclosure will be guarded by two agents of the IST. The Starlight Division has a key interest in the object and we cannot let them take it.

We will also be raising the clearance level needed to enter the actual room with the object in it to Level OM. Those who remain and are still Level NS can still work with AN-009, just don't expect being allowed to go in the actual room with it inside.

AN-009 seems to be a bone-like structure that resembles the 'femur' bone in human anatomy. Whether if it is actually a bone or not is still unproven and is still under research. The object is around 402.38 mm long and 38.19 mm wide. The object cannot be destroyed or harmed as it has proved being able to regenerate lost bits of itself.

The object seemingly creates a 5 ft. long 'zone-like' perimeter which cannot be prevented. When entering this zone, subjects report feeling a 'tickle-like' phenomena within their waist or chest. Upon approaching AN-009 themselves, this feeling expands to more regions within the body until the entire body feels this phenomena. This has been proven to not directly cause harm to the individual but may cause some mental harm if the subject is unaware of the effects.

When making physical contact with AN-009, subjects will begin laughing uncontrollably for around 2 hours straight until collapsing onto the ground unconscious. However, when the subject reawakens. The subject will continue laughing and will act abnormal for the remainder of the day. The subjects who have made physical contact with AN-009 will now be labelled as AN-009-1.

The following is a list of common occurrences that AN-009-1 will conduct after physical contact with the object:

  • Bone puns.
  • Violent and cruel 'pranks'.
  • Attempts to make other personnel make contact with AN-009.
  • Intentionally start food fights in the cafeteria.
  • Attempt to convince Test Subjects to riot against Solar Personnel.
  • Attempts to breach other anomalies.

(Note: These are only the most common. AN-009-1 can do so many more things than this.)

After 24 hours, the effects would seemingly die down until the complete absence of it on the subject which neutralizes the AN-009-1 instance (the subject remains alive and returns to normal). Subjects have no recollection of their mind when becoming an AN-009-1 instance and don't even remember seeing AN-009 itself. More testing needs to be done in order to determine the full effects of the phenomena.

AN-009 was retrieved by the Los Angeles Police Department in 1997. According to the report, AN-009 was discovered in a national museum when it was put in a exhibit claiming that it was a femur bone of a Homo erectus specimen. Until recently, it started gaining anomalous traits from a very unknown cause.

Museum staff made physical contact later with AN-009 and then became AN-009-1 until the next day. The owner of the establishment called the Police after the incident. The LAPD officially reported AN-009 to the Solar Initiative soon after.

Throughout 1997 to 2013, how AN-009 came to be was unknown. Multiple theories suggest that AN-009 formed due to early stages of the Anomaly Boom before it finalized in 2012 but this has not been fully explained.

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