Agencies Of Interest

Agencies of Interest

The Initiative must deal with many and varied Entities involved with the anomalous; for the most part these are fringe groups, much like the Initiative themselves. However, some Entities operate within the framework of the non-anomalous world, as agencies for nations and international organizations. Dealing with the population-control cult of the End is very different form negotiating with the legitimate representatives of China; whether hostile or cooperative, the power dynamics and threat that the latter may pose is radically different. Such Groups are registered within the Initiative Planet-Wide Information Archive, colloquially known as the Agencies of Interest. The Database contains entries on these Groups as well as government programs related to the anomalous.


Group Name: ECR Agency
Group Status: Active
Relation with Group: Allied
Attributes: Scout, National, Structured

The ECR Agency is a group tasked with the collection and research of extraterrestrial life. The ECR Agency's activity can be dated back to 1639 when the first UFO sighting was recorded by John Winthrop.

The Agency has been allied with the Initiative since the Initiative's founding due to both of them specializing in extraterrestrial/anomalous vehicles, entities, minerals, and plants while leaving all terrestrial anomalies for the Initiative. However, the Agency has allowed the Initiative to assist in containing and researching extraterrestrial anomalies.

Another group that the Agency is directly operating with is NASA with their aeronautics projects and providing space shuttle prototypes recovered from UFO crash sites. A recently uncovered military document depicts an antigravity aerospace craft that has been in production since █████, █████. The Agency has confirmed with the Initiative that they are responsible for being a valuable asset in the spacecraft's production.

The Agency is highly secretive in its operations by creating foolproof cover stories, developing high-end amnesiants, and having minimal public incidents. However, few public figures and citizens know of the Agency as a common superstition dubbed "The Men in Black". This relates to their all-black attire and how they operate in the dark along with their rare appearances in public.

Meetings and discussions are held frequently to discuss matters of publicity, incidents, findings, etc. From recent discussions, the Agency has concluded that they have been having frequent incidents regarding media-related issues such as images, CCTV captures of ECR agents, and whistleblowers. However, a large majority of these issues have been resolved. Although, images are frequently circulating the internet and raising the risk of the Agency going public.

Group Name: The Paranormal Intelligence Agency
Group Status: Active
Relation with Group: Sister
Attributes: Structured, Multinational.

The Paranormal Intelligence Agency is created by the United Nations in order to assist the Deployable Response Teams in missions that are considered impossible; alternatively, they locate bases of the Starlight Commune, Church of the End, and Anomalies Are Animals Too (AAT). After locating, said GOIs, they will contact the Recovery Committee of their whereabouts and will assist with the responding D.R.T.

During the Anomaly Boom, the Intelligence Agency was mainly stationed at AN-002 and assisting the Frogmen Unit as other D.R.T.s couldn't assist them in a security breach. According to reports, the instances feared going towards any of the checkpoints in complete horror. Because of this, the Intelligence Agency was considered "inhumane" and "extreme" for the longest time until a Mass Containment Breach at Site-023 occurred in 2019. The Agency allegedly managed to "befriend" AN-021 by acting like a father or mother figure to it. And since then, AN-021 has been requesting to see them again, however all requests have been denied.

The Paranormal Intelligence Agency, as of writing, is the only Initiative-controlled Department that the Anomalies Are Animals Too (AAT) have not been aggressive or attempted fighting other then the Hades Emergency Force. Many of their "fighters" have been reported unconditionally surrendering to the Intelligence Agency upon entering a facility.

The Intelligence Agency is also on more positive relations with the Blackhole Market than the Initiative as the Blackhole Market sees their ways in approaching intelligent anomalies as "trustworthy" and "marketable". And to this day, the Blackhole Market does give out special discounts on their anomalies to the Intelligence Agency.

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