Access Levels

Initiative security classifications, or security clearances, are statuses assigned to personnel allowing them access to classified or sensitive information, including areas of Initiative sites that are normally closed off to the general staff. Clearance is generally very limited in scope- most people can't access everything, but rather information that is relevant to their current projects. In other words, clearance formalizes what information you "need to know" to do your job.

Security clearance is wholly detached from an individual's rank and position- what is cleared to each person depends wholly on what they are actually expected to be working on. For example, the administrator of a site might have less access to anomalies than a junior researcher, because what would an administrative staff member need with an anomaly?


Sample visitor card.


Level VA

Ambassadors are regarded as outside of the Initiative's structure, even if they are part of joint research, operations, and jobs. VA personnel are given SR clearance, although if the Ambassador is of their group's hierarchy ranks, their clearance will be adapted to the Initiative's clearance. The VA clearance is temporary, usually lasting only a few weeks or months depending on the Ambassador, and must be renewed regularly to maintain clearance.

For security purposes, Ambassadors visiting the Initiative cannot be given Level U and are limited to Level OM.

Level SR

Level SR security clearance is the informal designation assigned to less important personnel, specifically Solar Recruits who do not need access to most Initiative assets. Access to Initiative sensitive data is restricted and only partial information should be disclosed in order to ensure personnel with Level SR clearance can perform their daily duties.

Level SR personnel are generally not assigned a branch code unless their work is exclusively the purview of a single Committees of the Initiative. For instance, contracted enclosure construction personnel under Anomaly Recovery Committee and Security Team supervision might be classed as SR clearance.

Level NS

Personnel classed with Level NS clearance are individuals who either directly or indirectly interact or work with Aneta and Metrios classed anomalies. However, when authorized to do so, personnel given Level NS clearance are able to assist in collecting information on anomalies they were previously unauthorized to interact with.

Individuals with Level NS clearance are generally newly recruited Initiative personnel, research assistants, and janitorial staff.

Level ES

Personnel classed with Level ES clearance are authorized to access thorough documents on contained or known anomalies to the Initiative. Level ES clearance personnel are generally most Security Team personnel or Research Committee members.

Level OM

Personnel given Level OM clearance are mainly Senior Researchers, members of the Recovery Committee, Regulations members, and Senior Security officers. Level OM clearance personnel are authorized to access detailed documents on anomalies that are in Initiative custody or not.

Level S

Personnel given Level S clearance are given to high ranking personnel. Individuals with Level S clearance are authorized to access regional site/location operations, as well as documents about research projects and sensitive information. Typically, Level S clearance is given to Initiative Location Directors and Senior members of different committees.

Level U

Personnel with Level U clearance are individuals who stand as the highest-ranking individuals in the Initiative. Level U personnel have limitless access to Initiative assets. Level U personnel are limited to Delta Council members.

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