About The Initiative

What are we?

  • We are a UN-funded organization that specializes in locating & capturing anomalous entities or objects. However, we don’t lock the anomalies in an oppressive containment cell, we put them in moderated nature conservations where they are monitored, fed, and safely separated from the non-anomalous wildlife. For anomalous objects, we just put it in a locked room and research it from there. We are very proud of what we do.

Why are we a public organization?

  • We believe the public deserves to know the creatures that reside within our facilities and enclosures. And since anomalies can be found by anyone, if a civilian manages to discover an anomaly, they should report it to us or local authorities, which is very helpful to the Deployment Response Teams when trying to collect it.

Define Anomalies and how do we capture them?

  • An anomaly is something supernatural, that breaks the laws of nature, or simply cannot be explained.1 Not every anomaly is friendly so be prepared in the event of an attack. When an anomaly is spotted, a civilian is most likely gonna notice it. The individual must contact their local police department, and alert them about it and the Police contact one of our task forces.

How do you classify anomalies?

  • We classify anomalies with “AN” and a number ID, for example: AN-000. We also help classify the further with threat levels and enclosure amendments. To learn more about Object Classes, please head to the section within the archives.
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