Overview: The AAT is a movement against the Initiative claiming that anomalies should be left out in the wild and out of sterile and artificial environments. The AAT is known to locate Initiative locations and attempt to free anomalies from their enclosures. It is unknown who formed the AAT, though it is known that the AAT originally formed in Arkansas in late 2012 during the Anomaly Boom. It is unknown as to where the AAT headquarters resides nor what their future operations are.

From the founder of the AAT, Charles █████



Welcome to the AAT. The AAT is an acronym that stands for "Anomalies (are) Animals Too!". Even though most people would agree that the Solar Initiative is morally correct as they "protect anomalies" and "keep the world safe" due to the unpredictability of the strange creatures that roam this Earth. They are wrong. What they do is heartlessly capture these creatures and force them to live in sterile and fake environments for the sake of research.

Our goal is the opposite. We are fighting for anomalous rights. The rights that these anomalies should have to live in their ecosystem in peace without human intervention. Before the Solar Initiative was formed, anomalies were the same as animals. But since anomalies are rarer and possess unique abilities, they must be dangerous. This is incorrect. They have the same goals as any other living creature… survive and flourish.

To combat the Solar Initiative's immoral ideals, we must revolt. We are fighters, not protesters. Since the Initiative's presence is public, finding their numerous sites is easy. In the past, we have invaded several facilities, sadly losing many AAT fighters. Despite that dark fact, we helped many anomalies suffering in the claws of the Initiative by freeing them into the wild.

So, newbie, are you ready to join the fight for equality?

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